The Mustangs of Las Colinas

is one of the largest equestrian sculptures in the world.  Williams Square, a stark, pink-granite plaza in the Las Colinas Urban Center, is home to this breathtakingly realistic bronze sculpture of nine wild mustangs crossing a stream. Tourists from around the world visit the plaza to view the impressive, larger-than-life depiction that serves as its centerpiece.

This is a must-see for visitors and residents alike.

Adjacent to the sculpture, in the West Tower of Williams Square Plaza, is the Mustangs of Las Colinas Museum. In the museum, visitors learn the story of the eight years of work African wildlife artist Robert Glen invested in creating the Mustangs. The museum also presents a short film which brings to life for the visitor the time and effort that went into designing, molding, and mounting this distinctive piece of public art. Other works of art by Robert Glen are also on display in the museum.

Admission to the museum is free.